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Your Personal alertness companion.

Stay Alert. Stay Awake.

Bluewake is the scientifically proven and patented alternative to caffeine and pharmaceuticals for combating drowsiness. It enhances alertness and sleep quality to reduce workplace drowsiness risks.

The technology is the result of 20 years and millions of dollars R&D at CERVO Brain research center.

The technology is Patented, Proven, and Certified Safe.

Blue light is naturally occurring. Blue light boosts alertness, peaking from 9 am to 4 pm.

Patented Polarizer & Pulsating technology

  • The pulsation remains imperceptible, ensuring a uniform, constant, and consistent blue light.

  • Extensive testing of Red and Blue Light combination has been conducted to maximize the comfort of the eyes and the alertness-boosting effects.

  • Blue light helps reduce the size of the blur circle on your retina which make oncoming light traffic appear less glaring. This make it easier to see clearly  when driving at night.

How Bluewake works

Bluewake engineered to emit light wavelengths that promote alertness and enhance well-being.

Research in photobiology reveals that our biological clock is highly responsive to blue wavelengths. Exposure to blue light signals our central clock to activate daytime biological activities, stimulating over 150 processes in the human body. These effects include decreasing melatonin production, raising cortisol body temperature, elevating heart rate, and increasing blood pressure.

Proven Through Research and Testing

Alertness testing or Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT) is the Gold Standard for alertness testing.

PVT objectively measures fatigue-related changes linked to sleep deprivation, prolonged wakefulness, circadian rhythms disruptions, and task duration.

 We conducted  PVT testing on workers at the end of each 12 consecutive night shift, first without using Bluewake and then again after using Bluewake at night.


Results after 12 nights

20% improvement in reaction time

Features & benefits

Uncompromising Safety

Our product goes beyond just emitting blue light; it serves as your ultimate safety companion. With its soothing yet attention-grabbing blue light, it helps drivers stay alert and awake during long journeys, thereby lowering the risk of accidents due to drowsy driving.

The Only Preventative Measure

The sole preventive solution against fatigue without relying on stimulants such as coffee or pills. It consistently keeps drivers alert, avoiding the highs and lows of caffeine intake, making it superior in terms of long-haul safety and healthy choice.

Protect Your Business And Your Drivers​

Prioritizing your drivers’ safety is an investment in your company’s future. With our Bluewake system onboard, you can substantially reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and downtime. Your drivers can concentrate on their tasks with confidence, while you can rest assured that they are well-protected.

Easy Installation, Proven Results

Installing your dashboard-mounted Bluewake is hassle-free and compatible with any vehicle. The results, however, are nothing short of remarkable. It helps to prevent costly accidents and have a more productive fleet with this simple yet effective addition. 

Join the Movement for Safer Roads

Join the growing community of safety-conscious companies. Our dashboard-mounted Bluewake serves as your ally in the effort to minimize accidents and safeguard your most precious assets—your drivers and drive confidently towards a safer future.

Optimize your Sleep​

Based on current knowledge of the circadian clock natural response to blue light we know that we can harness the Bluewake to control our wakefulness.

100% Eye Safe

Developed by ophthalmology scientists with your eye’s safety and health in mind.

Technical Specifications

Soft diffusion of blue light

Four modes automated adjustment for glare prevention

Polymer plastic

Operating temperature: 10C to 30C

Storage temperature: -40c to 60c

Patented 70Hz pulsing light to improve the biological response to light

Alertness Device

Our product uses a patented technology to pulsate blue light at 70Hz to stimulate the part of your brain responsible for regulating melatonin which indirectly controls your energy levels.