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About Us

Our mission at Bluewake is to enhance business productivity without compromising worker well-being and safety.

We actively seek and develop innovative solutions from science and technology to improve workplace alertness. Reduced alertness is a leading cause of accidents and errors on the road and in the workplace – we want to change that. We prioritize your safety because we recognize that what matters most to you is waiting for you at home.

Arrive Alive is our motto

Meet the Team

Aware of the importance of our mission we share an entrepreneurial culture and a motivation to increased human capital value, by promoting productivity without compromise on safety.

Marc Hebert
PhD, Founder, Inventor and Chief Scientific Officer

Marc Hébert is an esteemed academician with a Doctorate in Neurological Sciences. Since 2001, he has served as a Professor of Ophthalmology at Laval University and currently holds the position of Deputy Scientific Director of Clinical Research at the CERVO Brain Research Center. Additionally, he has previously served as the president of The Society for Light Therapy and Biological Rhythms from 2010 to 2012. With a track record of innovation, he is the inventor of several patented technologies that have paved the way for the establishment of various start-ups.
Tony Marinelli
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tony Marinelli is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive in the information technology and digital marketing industry. Over the past 30 years, he has managed and transformed technology start-ups into profitable SMEs, employing hundreds of people. During his career, he has developed strong relationships with key stakeholders in the venture capital industry and established strategic partnerships with renowned high-tech companies.
Francisco Mureddu
Director of Sales - Mexico

Francisco Mureddu is an Inspiring Entrepreneurial Leader with Strong Experience in International Communications and Sales. During his Career, Mr. Mureddu has held Senior Management Positions at BMW, Robert Bosch and with Schlumberger. He holds a Degree In Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in E-Commerce.
Brian Barry
Chairman of the Board

Brian Barry is the CEO of Smart City Building. Brian has extensive Industry Experience through a long list of senior management roles such as CEO Ericsson Canada where he led some 5000 people. He has a track record of accelerating Business Growth with entrepreneurial companies (Recent M&A with PinPoint GPS to Descartes). Brian is Chairman of University of Limerick Business School.
Jacques Denommee
Strategic Advisor

Jacques Denommee has over 30 years of experience building winning teams, deploying business strategies and risk management practices to small and mid-sized businesses, including 18 years in venture capital. He contributed to the success of several companies, including Télécité, Optosecurité and Miranda. He is a speaker on the theme of value creation and the creation of innovative ecosystems and the author of the book “The Business Paradox”.
Simon Thibault
PhD, Physics - Member; Technical advisory committee

Simon Thibault is a professor in the Department of Physics, Physical Engineering and Optics at Laval University. He brings to the advisory team a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of optical design (engineering, aberration theory, optomechanics), optical metrology (interferometric, CGH, aspheric), adaptive optics (simulation , deformable mirrors), optics for extreme environments (design, metrology, cryogenics, space) and long-lasting outdoor lighting (LEDs, aging models, standards, thermal management).