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Drowsiness is one of nature's  most relentless forces.
Don't let fatigue steer you towards tragedy​.
Accidents can cost lives and money.
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Patented blue light technology that helps you to remain alert and to reduce fatigue related risk of accident, at work and on the road.

The only proven technology that
increases alertness and stops drowsiness.

NO Caffeine. NO Drugs.


0 %

of all road accidents are caused by fatigue.

0 %

Drive despite feeling drowsy.

0 k

Motor vehicle accidents each year.





*North America statistics


103 Million

people claim to have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Created by Orange Catfrom the Noun Project

$136 Billion

in productivity losses ($) associated with health problems and accidents.

$12.5 Billion

in financial costs ($) associated with accidents on the road.

*North America statistics

Easy to Use

Benefits of Bluewake

Stimulates Alertness + keeps you awake

Increases Energy Levels

Increase Safety and security

Increase Productivity

Who benefits?


Bluewake enhances well-being, fostering quality time with loved ones, reducing absenteeism, boosting productivity, and yielding economic benefits. Colleagues feel reassured by the presence of alert individuals, minimizing errors and accidents.


Night work heightens accident risks due to decreased alertness when the body naturally craves sleep. Bluewake enhances nighttime alertness and improves daytime sleep quality, crucial for curbing accidents among night workers.


Night work harms worker health, causing fatigue-related problems. Our solution improves alertness, reduces stress, and enhances sleep, leading to fewer sick days and need for excessive use of coffee which can be detrimental to their health, and bringing significant benefits.

Certified Safe

Laval University Optical Engineering Research Lab, in partnership with COPL, conducted an independent safety certification study on Bluewake. Their findings showed Bluewake’s radiance stayed below the recommended maximum of 10 mW/cm2·sr by ACGIH/ICNIRP across all power and ambient lighting settings, even at maximum power exceeding this threshold by over 3 times.


Bluewake complies with the IEC62471 international standard on photobiological hazards, and is classified as “safe” for the eyes. 

Proven and Trusted

The technology behind Bluewake is the result of 20 years and millions of dollars of R&D at CERVO Brain Research Centre. 

5 million+ usage hours

Customer satisfaction Rate
4.8 /5

Canadian Malartic implemented Bluewake successfully and reduced drowsiness (zombie zone) with 85% of drivers; 94% confirmed contribution to better sleep during daytime.

Improved reaction time, alertness and lowered risk of accidents.

Stornoway Diamonds successfully implemented  Bluewake and reduced drowsiness (zombie zone) with 100%  drivers satisfaction. 

Improved reaction time, alertness and lowered risk of accidents.

Large Freight Operator with 200 trucks on Canadian to USA roads.

Successful field trials with excellent driver adoption (85% satisfaction rate).

Improved both motor and cognitive response.

Client Testimonials

The Bluewake is a "boost" as if it were broad daylight and it greatly increases alertness on the road in the evening.”
DFS Trucker
“Obviously I believe in science but there's nothing like a practical test to appreciate it. Just one work.... WOW! When I leave, a little fatigue and yawning, put Bluewake on, and about 30 minutes later, the yawning stops, I hardly feel tired and above all I am more alert.”
Donald Gilbert
Strategic Management Consultant
“Since this product arrived at MGT, I have noticed that there is a big difference. we have more energy. A truly effective product.”
MGT agent
“Thank you - for the Bluewake - I am wide awake and have good energy level. It allowed me to be more aware and avoid a moose yesterday just in time!”
“The Bluewake is an essential work tool for night driving.”
DFS Trucker
“During the holidays, good samaritan volunteers from Montreal Gateway Terminal (MGT) relied on the Bluewake solution to maintain their vigilance and ensure the safe transport of people.”
Security Manager
"I'm in my mid-30s and have always struggled with mornings. Since I started using Bluewake, I have now become a morning person and can get going within 20 minutes over breakfast. I hold a senior role in finance and always looking to boost my performance and efficiency. I love how simple the product is to use. You turn it on, set it up at your desk next to your computer and that’s it, biology takes care of the rest! Very nifty. Bluewake has now become an essential part of my morning routine and has made a noticeable difference in my energy levels. If you struggle with morning grogginess, I highly recommend giving Bluewake a try.”
Managing Director, Financial firm


There is no scientific evidence that blue light from digital devices causes damage to your eye. Bluewake is certified eye-safe based on the safety standards of the ACGIH and ICNIRP commissions. 

Yes, we have many clients in the mining and transportation industry using our technology every day as a preventive measure for drowsiness, keeping their workers safe and productive.

Extended use of the Bluewake is not harmful to your eyes as it is considered eye-safe according to the international safety standards (ACGIH and ICNIRP commissions).